Integrate Live Chat Service In Your Online Business

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As the Global market continues to expand, businesses are becoming more competitive to grab a share of customer base and keep them loyal to you. The markets are now customer-centric and giving efficient customer service is a must. Even a huge number of customers are utilizing business websites to buy products, compare, services and others, it is still more beneficial for an online business to provide live chat service at the website itself. The live chat can provide instant solutions to the customer’s concerns, complaints, problems, grievances and others. Thus, this is the preferred mode to get in touch with customers in this e-commerce world.

Having a live chat service would lead to cost-saving, as integrating live chat on your website costs less than having a voice or email based customer support. The live chat software that supports the live chat provides quality services and features to businesses that leads to better customer satisfaction. This will also help in increasing online sales. Through online chat, hot lead can be identified and converted into sales. The chat agent’s skills in promoting the products are exercised during a live chat with potential clients and thus increases sales. The chat representatives can also engage the customers in real-time and solve their problems instantly.

chat serviceThe live chat support proves to be very beneficial during certain stages of the customer interaction process. Online businesses are very concerned about the customers abandoning the shopping cart before the checkout process. Live chat customer service can help reduce the shopping cart abandonment rates. The service is an effective, safe, and secured mode of communication with the customers. Very sensitive and vital financial information such as social security number, credit card number can be shared with chat representatives through a live chat channel. The customers can likewise receive some essential information such as refund guidelines, filling up contact us forms, company policies, shipping costs, and others. Therefore, live chat service is of great help in providing customer service and to boost sales.

Live Chat Customer Service Helps Provide Instant Customer Service

With the introduction of the internet, the way online business is done has changed a lot. There is also an increased in online retail sale. With the increasing number of individuals who prefer to purchase online, the need to have an efficient customer service has risen as well. Live chat service makes sure that the customers get a quick response that leads to easy and fast shopping thus improving sales and revenue. A well-trained chat representative can handle the live chat efficiently. They are not just trained in sales skills, but also in providing an excellent customer service as well.

Chat customer service is more favorable in an online shopping environment because it provides a human touch while shopping on a retail website. It is also cost-effective and very convenient to customers. With the present development in online forums, social media and others that provide immediate responses to user queries, online shopping likewise requires the same to provide better customer service. Because of this, customer complaint has lessened and lead to increase in the customer base.

Analyze Customer Base Better

Developing meaningful analytics from the conversations is labor intensive and expensive. The service changes that by being a text-based interaction and thus index-able by several conventional analytic tools.

Integration of Google Analytics with live chat offers a robust insight into how efficient conversations are at driving buying behavior, and these tools continue to improve for better insights.

Live chat service is an essential tool to drive and maintain business, make the most efficient use of personnel and analyze the effectiveness of your efforts. Also, the benefits mentioned above starts as soon as you begin using live chat on your website.

Written by Walter Quinn

October 20th, 2014 at 12:08 pm

Tips for Writing and Effective SEO Article

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Article submission, which involves the submission of an article to an article submission directory, is one of the most effective White Hat SEO techniques. There are several tips that will help you write an effective article.

The article you write should have links pointing towards your website. Note that you are not allowed to have contextual links – the links should be on the resource box at the end of article. Using your article for link building enables you to kill two birds with one stone. Your article will help with link popularity and it will bring you out as an expert in your niche, therefore helping with SEO and branding respectively.

If your article is to have an impact on your SEO campaign, it must be writtenSEO for humans. The title should contain the keyword as this helps people quickly know what the article is about. There should be heading tags throughout the article. Readers prefer content that is broken down into chunks that are easily readable. You should also consider having bulleted points. Proof read the article because if there are structural, grammatical, and other errors, readers will think you are not careful and they will associate the carelessness with your product/service or brand.

The size of the article matters. A good SEO article should not be more than 500 words long and it should not be less than 300 words long.

You should listen to your clients to come up with a great article. You could have a few potential readers go through the article and give you feedback. This will not only ensure that there are no errors, but it will also ensure that you are saying what people are interested in.

If you are not good in writing or in English, consider taking a refresher course. There are many such refresher courses online. You should read a lot and watch movies as this exposure helps with your writing. Ensure that the text flows naturally. If you are really poor at writing or in English, have your article professionally written.

Have a target audience in mind. This will help you determine such things as the complexity of the content and even the tone of the article. Depending on the audience, you could use numbers to capture the reader’s attention.

Submit your articles to top article submission directories. Examples include and Go through the guidelines of these directories before submission. Complement article submission with other SEO strategies such as Sitemap creation, internal linking, and social bookmarking.

Written by Thomas Carter

September 30th, 2014 at 5:44 am