Basketball and Logo Lanyards

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So you are a big hoop fan huh? You always make sure to be present at your favourite team or player’s game. You do not want to miss updates about them. True hoop fans are very passionate just like the players. For some, basketball is their life and you can’t blame them because it’s so fun to watch and play.

Logo LanyardsAs a basketball fan, showing support and uniting fans together is what you want to do during games. The biggest basketball fans want to feel that they are part of a team and not just a fan on the bleacher. Fans make sure to attend the game with someone. You don’t want to be alone while cheering for you team, right?

Showing support for the whole team is not so different from supporting your favourite athlete. You want to represent their colors and wear signature shirts or shoes. Sometimes, sporting apparels could be very expensive especially the signature ones.

Wearing logo lanyards is a good alternative if you find yourself having no basketball apparels at all. It’s cheap, portable and very customizable. You can have your team’s name or logo printed on it. You can wear it anywhere you go and it doesn’t just represent your favourite team; it also functions as an ID holder, key holder, card holder or phone holder.

You can have as many jerseys as you want but you will need to wash them at some point especially if you wear it while playing. In such situations, you might find yourself with nothing to wear and have your team represented. Good thing is that these lanyards do not need to be washed as often as those jerseys (unless your lanyard is white of course).

If you’re a member or an officer of a fans club, you should be able to unite with other members and show your biggest support for your team or favourite player. You might want to consider giving customized logo lanyards to other fans so every time you see one wearing the lanyard, you can easily identify that person.

There will always be a situation wherein you are not allowed to wear jerseys and basketball shoes. For example, there’s a strict dress code to be followed in the office. For students, class uniforms should always be worn in school. You can still represent your favourite team through logo lanyards. Just make sure to have it printed with your team’s logo. Wearing it anywhere to represent your team is great because the prints are easier to see compared to bracelets and key chains.

For some basketball fans who love the sport itself rather than just being a fan of one team or player, having signature shirts and shoes is not a big thing. You can have any jersey that you want as long as it’s comfortable for you to wear. You might also want to consider logo lanyards to show others how you love the game; a simple basketball design is what you need on your lanyard.

While wearing your custom logo lanyard, people will see what’s on it. If you find someone wearing the same lanyard as yours, you just found a friend because as the saying goes: “birds of the same feather flock together”. Of course, who are the best people to be friends with but those who also support your favourite team and players? You can now watch games with your newfound buddy.

If you really are a big basketball fan, representing your team is a must. Go get yourself a basketball themed lanyard and let other people see that inner hoop junkie in you.

What to Consider Before Buying a Golf Ball

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Golf balls are just as important as the golf clubs, swings and stance. The type of ball used is crucial to determining performance on the green and how successful a golfer is at controlling the shots.

There are different golf ball types for each type of player. An amateur needs a different type from that of a professional. A low handicap player needs a different type from a high handicap one.

Here are the most basic things to consider when choosing the right of ball:


Golf BallThis is the primary consideration for choosing the type of golf ball to use. Basically all golf balls are manufactured with a limitation on the distance they can travel. The limits are determined by the Rules of Golf set by the USGA. Despite these limits, a ball can fly different distances depending on the swing and spins. Balls with higher spins tend to go for longer distances than those with low spins. The spins are determined by the swing and the material composition of the golf ball. Softer outer covers allows for better control of shots, which means sending the ball into a good spin. Also, the layers determine how far the balls go. Balls with 2 layers (2-piece ball type) go for longer distances than one with 3 layers (3-piece ball type).


Feel refers to the ball’s degree of softness or firmness. This depends on the golfer’s preference. Some prefer a hard ball, some prefer soft, while others don’t consider the feel much of an issue. Professional golfers often prefer balls with a soft feel. Softer balls are more expensive.


Spins determine how a ball flies. It plays an important role in producing the proper lift to send the ball soaring. It also affects the distance. Distance is maximized if the ball spins just right.

If the spin is too much, the ball tends to keep climbing before suddenly dropping. Estimating the distance it will travel is more difficult. If the spin is too little, the ball will never get the proper lift and get airborne. For golfers who have difficulty getting the ball airborne, they can do well by choosing balls with higher spins.

Spins also affect the direction of ball flight.  Straighter flight needs less spin to the ball.  Golfers who have difficulty with direction are better off with balls that have less spin.

It is important to match the swing to the ball’s spin rate. Golfers with fast swings should go for golf balls with lower spin rates. Golfers with slow swings should choose balls with higher spins.


Durability is important. A ball that is easily cut implies less control and reliability. The ball may start off with a good performance but halfway through the game, the shots become more and more erratic. Dents on the surface of the ball alter ball performance. This is why balls should be made with very durable material, especially the outer cover.

Luckily, most golf balls sold nowadays are very hard to cut. Durability considerations are now more on the paint quality and the ability to resist abrasions.


Compression refers to how a ball is affected when the golf club hits it. That means whether the ball absorbs or resists the impact. Soft cores have lower compression rates. These balls have a spring-like reaction when hit. Balls with harder materials in their cores tend to go for shorter distances.

Consider buying a golf ball with compression rates between 60 and 70 if hitting the ball for a long distance. A ball with 100 compression is best used when hitting a ball to go a short distance.

Golf balls may be small but they help determine performance on the course. Therefore, choose wisely.

The greatness within: Custom Military Coins

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How great it is to own a coin that carries with it pride and honor! Back in the days of war, Custom Military coins have been so popular in military organi-zations. These are small coins or medallion usually given to military members. These coins carry the organization’s insignia or emblem. Traditionally, these coins are nothing but normal coins. They have various uses like proof of membership, personal identification and even to enhance one’s morale. Custom Military coins are also used by unit commanders to give recognition for members’ achievements. These are also used and presented to guests when he visits an organization’s headquarters.

Custom Military coinsThere are so many stories created about the origins of Custom Military coins. The most popular story was about the American pilot who was captured by the German patrol when he landed his aircraft near their enemies’land. All his personal identification was taken from him but his pouch with a coin he wore around his neck. This was given to him by his Lieutenant before he was deployed. He was detained in an area and had escaped during the attack of the British troops. When he reached the French outpost, he was identified as one of the Germans so the French men detained him to be executed in time. When he was about to be executed, he presented his coin to the executioners which was immediately recognized by one of them. His execution was postponed enough for him to prove his identity. He was freed from execution. Since then, these coins were used as membership identification.

United States Presidents are also known to possess Custom Military coins. These coins might have been received during different occasions and ceremo-nies they have attended. These must have also been received in recognition to their good deeds. President Bill Clinton, for instance, was known to have a collection of custom coins. His coins were displayed in several racks behind his Oval Office desk. Today, his collectables are displayed inside the Clinton Library. President George W. Bush, on the other hand, has received his custom coin from a Marine Combat patrol during his visit in Iraq dated September 3, 2007. Now, the US President Barrack Obama has placed custom coins in the memorials of soldiers who became victims of the Fort Hood shooting in 2009.

Custom Military coins can take different forms, from simple to complex de-signs. The patina or what we call finish are gold, silver, nickel, brass, bronze and copper. Antique variations can also be used in coin finish. Color is also added to the coins to add attractiveness. Manufacturers use soft or hard enamels or an inset with an epoxy to add color to these coins. More often, epoxies are used since it is scratch resistant compared to metal surfaces. These coins are manufactured using two basic processes: zinc-alloy castings or die struck bronze. These processes determine the price of the coins. Zinc-alloy castings a much cheaper than die-struck bronze. However, die struck bronze or brass produces good quality coins compared to coins from zinc-alloy castings. Today, many manufactures are offering services for custom coins. Many coins were fabricated in South Korea. Products there are said to be of good quality but are cheaper compared to US made coins. Chinese coins, on the other hand, are even patronized more compared to others.

Custom coins remain popular. They still exist and are used not only in the military but also in other organizations like police and Firefighters as a symbol for recognition to their well-performing members. Custom coins may continue to evolve in the next years to come, whether in appearance or value, but its greatness will always be embodied in the hearts of those who possess such coins.

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Enhancing Leadership Businesses: Real Tips from Expert Keynote Speakers

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It is not always easy to run a busy company – be it a startup, medium-sized, or even a blue-chip one. It takes a real leader to fully manage the overall business operation. Without this key element called leadership, even the biggest companies could slump. Therefore, if you are still working on polishing the ins and outs of your small business, then it is important to understand what it really takes to become a good leader. These are the major points that your company’s next keynote speaker should focus on:

A real leader is a true visionary

You are not, by any chance, a genie or a wizard. This means real leaders have to work hard on achieving long-term visions without the use of any magic dusts or magic wand. The visions you have must be in line with what you dream for your company, the people working for and with you, and for yourself as well. A motivation or keynote speaker would often highlight this point because it represents the overall plans you have. If you are still working on establishing a company, then start by writing down your visions.

A true leader believes, creates, and executes plans

Someone who is not able to discern a viable plan from a non-viable plan should do more studies. Planning represents the entire feasibility of a business. Plans are likewise essential factors in decision-making. It is crucial for any business enthusiast to be able to appreciate, correct and perform whatever steps indicated in a plan.

A leader has real courage, but also calculates risks

MotivationBusiness can dwell in a hub of risks, particularly when huge finances are involved. A true leader is able to discern what decisions to make, and which ones to set aside. In businesses, bosses are not simply the people who ‘merely call the shots’. They are also accountable to any poor decisions they make. Courage is extremely important, as any experienced keynote speaker in a leadership-centered conference would tell you.

However, the timing on when to be courageous and when to acknowledge a little fear is equally important. Courage is far different from power, as even the powerless could possess this. The use and frequency of its utilization should always be factored in when calculating the potential risks to be faced by the company.

An excellent leader ‘practices what he preaches’

You cannot be considered a good leader if you cannot comply with the needs and rules of your organization. Simple instances such as parking properly, smoking within the premises, or even the use of company properties personally are among the usual traps in demonstrating real leaderships. When it comes to company policies, nobody is truly exempted, not even the top bosses who made them. It is extremely important to remind yourself once in a while why policies are established and why authorities exist.

A good leader is always ready for changes

Businesses always evolve – in several levels and in different forms. Organizations quickly or drastically change from one year to another. Company rules and regulations can also be modified to keep up with the changing structure of the organization. Anything in a business could change. A real leader is someone who understands why changes are necessary and how to slowly unfold them. A real business leader can also be defined by an expert keynote speaker as someone who can foresee the future reactions of the employees and address them.

Business leadership is never an easy subject as it essentially requires years to be able to fully grasp the guiding principles and embody them. So the next time you are invited to take part in a leadership training facilitated by an effective keynote speaker, you have to prepare your ears, ready your mind, and set yourself in receiving a whole lot of learning.

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Fulfilling Corporate Needs With HR Certification Training

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When you think about large corporations, you may not think about their hiring processes. That’s something that most people don’t really look into, but the role of a human resources professional hinges greatly on the communication that they have with potential employees and more. Part of the success of a large company and even some smaller entities is their recruiting, onboarding, and hiring process. That’s built on the education and certification that many HR people have. Without getting top of the line HR Certification Training, many companies would collapse due to the many issues that arise in trying to hire the right personnel to get the many jobs done. No company can grow strong without the efficient work of their employees. There are some that may be able to move forward, but there will be growing pains that can stifle the progress at times.

Getting The Right People In Place

For those that are not sure about HR Certification Training, it’s important to understand that there are some benefits attached to this methodology. The first one is simple, it trains and teaches individuals how to hire the right personnel, if you want to hire the right one then you can visit It not only helps with recruiting, it helps with establishing a good relationship between individuals that are starting on their first day, and those that have been working for many years. Without this balancing act of onboarding new employees, and maintaining the work force happy, things can definitely start to fall apart. It’s the relationship that is built between HR and the individual in these companies that can make or break forward moving progress for business today.

The Right Training Matters

Talentkeepers.comEvery major field has a certain degree of education. Whether you look into becoming a teacher, or you want to drive trucks, you’ll find that training matters a great deal. Some of it hinges on a college degree, but after that, certification matters. It’s for that reason that HR certification programs are necessary. Without these in place, you would find that the examination process can become very stringent, and difficult to navigate. Passing the test and then renewing the certification every few years is definitely not a simple task. Some may feel that they have a grasp on the material and move forward within this world, but it is not good to have too much bravado here, as it can be snuffed out fast through failing the examination. It’s for that reason that training matters, as it helps ensure passing the hurdles put up by the industry.

The Evolutionary Work Place

One of the reasons that HR Certification Training is so popular today is because the industry is evolving on an annual basis. There are changes that come to this world frequently. Whether it’s a new minimum wage requirement, health insurance spikes, or any number of issues that can end up befalling employees and employers alike. The work place is something that also changes on a regular basis, and it’s up to HR to be on top of all the legal issues and changes that are coming down the pipeline. It is within that scope that training helps with the involvement of these changes and more.

Regardless of whether or not you will want to pursue a career in the world of human resources, it’s important to look into certification in the field. Certification in many different areas can only benefit through training, experience, and more. If you want to stand out on your resume, you will absolutely need to look into this opportunity to move ahead. When applying for a gig, you will stand out if you just look at this opportunity to get the right training in place.

Ways On How to Prevent Lanyard-Related Accidents

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A lanyard is neck accessory that is used to hold certain objects like identification cards, mobile phones and keys. It was first used by French soldiers to hold their arms, but it is now used by numerous schools and companies for identification purposes. Lanyards are indeed very useful, but just like other office items such as scissors and photocopy machines, these accessories can also cause certain accidents and injuries if misused.

Here are some safety tips that you can follow to prevent lanyard-related accidents and injuries.

LanyardsOne issue concerning lanyards is the fact that these things can be used to strangle people.  By simply twisting and tightening a lanyard around the neck, one can suffer from breathing difficulty and the worst that can happen is it can lead to death. There are reported cases of people dying due to lanyard strangulation. Some of the victims were kids. To prevent lanyard strangulation at home, don’t keep your lanyard in an area where children under age 8 can easily reach it. Make sure that it is placed in a secure container (e.g. locked cabinet). Keep an eye on your children all the time. Don’t even let them play and take off the attachments. The lanyard attachments used to hold objects can also put a child’s life in danger if swallowed accidentally.

Sometimes, it’s not good to wear them all the time because school bullies might use them to hurt somebody. It is best to put the lanyard inside your bag after being checked by the school’s security personnel.

At school, teachers are advised to monitor their students when doing certain activities in the school premises. As much as possible, if they are not assigned to be the referee, don’t let the children wear lanyards during PE class or when doing physical activities. Wearing them while playing sports can cause stomach bruises especially if a lanyard’s belt clip or attachment hits a student’s stomach while jumping or running.

If in case a lanyard strangulation happens, check the student’s pulse and do CPR immediately. Give the victim a supply of oxygen and as much as possible, call an ambulance quickly. If a child accidentally swallowed a part of a lanyard, go to the doctor as fast as you can. It may require surgery. Foreign objects like those lanyard attachments can damage your intestines if they won’t be taken out of your body.

Lanyards can also cause trippings. Trippings can cause limb and head injuries. Having a head injury is risky and if in case it happens, take the patient to the nearest hospital for CT Scan or MRI. Lanyard-related trippings can be prevented by ensuring that the floor is dry and clutter-free. For limb injuries, use antiseptics and ice bags.

Workers, on the other hand, should not wear lanyards while operating machines. If possible, tuck them inside your clothes because these cords can get caught in a machine and they can affect a machine’s function. Keep them away from plugs and sockets to prevent electrocutions.

Don’t wear them while working with chemicals that can cause reactions to fabrics and plastics. As much as possible, don’t use long lanyards for your car keys and don’t put them near vehicle gears because they can get caught around gear sticks as well. Getting them stuck in gear sticks can cause vehicular problems that may lead to car accidents.

For security reasons, don’t wear your lanyard and ID outside the school or company building. Hackers and thieves that are looking for their next victim might get your name, address, and other important information. Always be mindful of your surroundings.

How to Save Money on PCB Assembly

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Throughout the years, electronics have been designed to be faster and smaller. Because of this, PCB assembly and manufacturing have become more expensive. The costs of labor and parts have a huge effect on the overall costs. If you want to save some money, you should probably outsource your work to regions where labor is less expensive. Then again, if you really want to keep your costs down, you should make sure that your designs are accurate and efficient.

pcbnetThe designs of your printed circuit boards may vary depending on the specific objectives of your company. Nonetheless, there are still general guidelines that you have to follow if you want to minimize your expenses. For instance, you have to be careful when it comes to the spacing and sizing of your copper features, also known as trace and space. These copper traces connect the components of your printed circuit boards to other vias and components.

They act as the wire in these connections. In general, thinner traces are harder to manufacture than wider ones. So if you go with a thin trace, you may be faced with more restrictions and more manufacturing requirements that can make your PCB assembly more expensive. Likewise, spacing that is less than 0.005 inches between components and traces can make your PCB assembly less efficient. This is why you should never pack your components too tightly together.

You should not overlook the space between the edge of your printed circuit board and any copper either. In general, the copper should not be any closer than 0.10 inch to the edge of the board. If the copper is very near the edge, it can be exposed once the board is routed. When this happens, you will need to redo your printed circuit board. Frequent reworking is not advisable as it can get very expensive.

Do not forget to consider the holes and the pads. You should check the size of the holes that have to be drilled as well as how they should be connected to the traces. Keep in mind that even though advancements in technology have made the drilling process easier, the use of special equipment can affect the overall costs. So if you want to reduce your expenses, you should avoid having more holes drilled using special equipment.

As for the pads, they typically include copper surrounding drill holes at the bottom and top parts of the printed circuit board. The main function of your pad is to ensure that the plated copper is properly connected to the traces connected to the pad. If you want your printed circuit board to be efficient and effective, your pad should be at least 0.0015 bigger than the hole. If your pad is smaller than that, you might have a problem with functionality.

You should also consider the minimum size requirements for your soldermask and silkscreen. If you want your PCB assembly to be smooth and cost efficient, your size requirements should be at least 0.003. In addition, you should avoid hiring an offshore company even though their quotes seem cheaper. If you hire an offshore company, you may end up paying more than you expected due to their low production standards and use of unreliable and counterfeit parts.

A lot of offshore PCB manufacturers keep their costs low while earning a huge profit because they use unregulated components for printed circuit boards. They also get away with it most of the time which is why they continue to do business. In fact, about 20% of counterfeit parts never get detected by inspectors. If you want to make sure that your printed circuit boards are made with the highest standards in mind, you should stick with local PCB manufacturers.

History of Funerals: From Burial Jars to Funeral Homes

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Believe it or not, death is considered as part of life. Every culture has its own way of celebrating a deceased person’s life. A funeral is done in order to lay the dead to rest or prepare him to afterlife. A dead person can be cremated or buried in a specific place (e.g. cemetery). The word “funeral” came from the Latin word “funus” which can be associated to “death”, “corpse” and “burial rites”. Funerals are considered as old as mankind itself. People around the world have been doing these ceremonies, honoring the dead for almost 300,000 years now.

Even as early as the year 60,000 BC, people already know how to prepare the dead for a funeral. The remains that some researchers have found in burial caves in Iraq and Wales proved it. They discovered Neanderthal skeletons with flower pollens placed near their bodies. Embalming, which is the process of preserving the dead’s body, has a long history as well. The earliest societies known to be practicing embalming were the Ancient Egyptians and Chinchorro people of South America. As early as 3400 BC, Ancient Egyptians were already practicing Mummification to deceased people. They put the remains of their rulers in intricate coffins and bury them in pyramids. Body preservation is done by putting certain chemicals in a corpse or doing certain processes like keeping the body in dry places so that it won’t decay easily.

In some cultures, jars are used instead of coffins. Southeast Asian people did jar burials during the Neolithic period. Researchers have found burial jars that contain human remains in countries like Vietnam and the Philippines. Aside from caves and pyramids, other places where early societies bury the dead are in mounds and ships. Ship burials are said to be practiced by the Vikings. Cremation or the burning of remains, on the other hand, is common among Ancient Greeks. In East Asia, it later became a norm among Japanese people after the Second World War.

During the old times, there were no funeral homes (also called funeral parlors) that will provide services for deceased people and their loved ones. In those times, coffin viewing for relatives is mostly done at home. Funeral homes and the funeral industry itself started to boom in the United States after the Civil War. New ideas on how to take care of the dead have also emerged. Funeral homes helped people by planning and arranging the dead’s funeral. Hired morticians are in charge of embalming and dressing deceased people. They prepare them for public viewing by adding makeup to improve their appearance.

Funeral parlors have facilities like viewing rooms and chapels for the dead people and their families. They are also selling urns and coffins to their clients. Aside from taking care of necessary documents, these establishments are also responsible in transporting the dead in cemeteries and crematoriums. They have vehicles like limousines and carriages used for funeral processions.

Funeral homes have helped revolutionizing the way of bringing the dead to its final resting place. They made funerals more systematic and helped the funeral industry grow into a million-dollar industry. Thousands of funeral parlors and cemeteries are currently operating in the United States alone. There are also a handful of students taking up Mortuary Science in some colleges and universities to become funeral directors in the future.

They usually study the human anatomy, the science of embalming, and the way to manage funeral parlors. These establishments are maybe doing new embalming techniques, but they continued the thousand-year-old tradition of giving care and respect to dead people.

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